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Are you a fan of the Netflix series "Emily in Paris," and would you like to experience the city through the eyes of the protagonist Emily Cooper? Here's a list of ten iconic shooting locations for you to visit and feel like you are part of the show.

About Emily In Paris

Emily is an ambitious twenty-something marketing executive from Chicago who unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris when her company acquires a French luxury marketing company. Emily is tasked with revamping their social media strategy.

Her new life in Paris is filled with intoxicating adventures and surprising challenges as she struggles to win over her work colleagues, make friends, and navigate new romances and relationships.

List of shooting locations

  1. Place de l’Estrapade: This is the square where Emily and Gabriel live in the 5th arrondissement. It features a fountain and a few benches, and is near the Boulangerie Moderne bakery where Emily experiences her first pain au chocolat. The Italian restaurant Terra Nera, portrayed as "Les Deux Compères" in the series, is also located here. [Map]

  2. Place de Valois: The marketing agency, Savoir, where Emily works is located at 6 Place de Valois. This square is near the Louvre and Place Colette and features the Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal and the Bistrot Valois, where Emily meets her colleagues. [Map]

  3. Jardin du Palais Royal: Emily takes her first lunch break in Paris at this garden and meets her friend Mindy. The art installation "Les Deux Plateaux" is located here and the Michelin-starred restaurants Le Grand Véfour and Restaurant du Palais Royal can be found nearby. [Map]

  4. Café de l’Homme: This is the venue for the launch party of the new Maison Lavaux fragrance in the series. The café offers a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower and is located in the Palais de Chaillot. Many museums, including the Musée de l’Homme and the Musée Yves Saint Laurent, can be found in the surrounding area. [Map]

  5. Pont Alexandre III: The advertising campaign for the new perfume is shot on this famous bridge, which is a listed monument. Emily has an argument with her boss and client at the Bistrot Alexandre III near the bridge. [Map]

  6. The Marché des Enfants Rouges: This is where Emily and Mindy have lunch and go shopping for ingredients for their cooking class in Episode 7. This is also the oldest covered market in Paris and offers a variety of food stalls. [Map]

  7. The Musée Rodin: Emily visits this museum with Gabriel in Episode 8. It houses the works of French sculptor Auguste Rodin and is located in a beautiful 18th-century mansion. [Map] [Tickets]

  8. The Rue Saint-Dominique: This street is where Emily has her first successful sales pitch in Episode 9. It is also home to several shops, cafes, and restaurants. [Map]

  9. The Jardin des Tuileries: Emily takes a walk with Antoine in this garden in Episode 10. It is located near the Louvre Museum and is one of the largest parks in Paris. [Map]

  10. The Le Pain Quotidien: This is the bakery where Emily and Gabriel have breakfast together in Episode 11. It offers a variety of organic pastries, breads, and breakfast items.

  11. Le Mur des Je T’Aime Searching for a romantic setting Emily contemplates The Love Wall. Made of lava so the tiles last forever. [Map]

  12. Museé d'Orsay: In several episodes Emily finds herself in the renowned Museé d'Orsay.[Map] [Tickets]

Now go and explore Paris through the eyes of Emily Cooper and to experience the locations from the show. Oh la la!