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Grevin Wax Museum Paris

The Grévin wax museum was founded in 1882 by a journalist named Arthur Meyer who "borrowed" the concept from the widely known Madame Tussauds chain. Luckily he didn't name the museum after himself, but bestowed that honor on its first artistic director, caricaturist Alfred Grévin.

Both for its 450-ish wax characters and the baroque architecture, this is a must see for anyone who like candles, ear-wax or the Madame Tussauds that are found all over the world. Get your picture taken with Albert Einstein or Mahatma Gandhi. And did you visit the Picasso museum too? Then you have to get a snapshot with Pablo Picasso himself!
For the CSI fans among us: The tableau of Charlotte Corday murdering Jean-Paul Marat created in 1889 includes the actual knife and bathtub used!
Brrr. Creepy.